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Nerd Fountain is not a first look-driven outlet, instead we are a podcast and blog that reviews and interviews designers, developers, and publishers from multiple industries to deliver both an inside perspective and a human touch from behind the closed doors that drive nerd culture. We also discuss mid-life dating, give advice, and answer emails. Shows range from The Nerd Fountain's main feed, which features specific discussion points, paired usually with a tabletop or video game review, followed by casual conversation. Other shows include Interviews and shows from the road between Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau and other collaborators.
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Feb 21, 2015

The first booth I visited at Toy Fair was Ad Magic's, and Hogger Logger's. Guy was dressed as a lumber jack. Check out more about Hogger Logger at

Feb 21, 2015

While running down the Ad-Magic table of awesome indie games I ran into Blaise, (sp) designer of Poop The Game.

Poop The Game is available on amazon, through your local FLGS, and you may find out more at

Feb 20, 2015

JNB Interviews Razlo the creator of Billionaire Banshee, at the Ad-Magic booth within Toy Fair 2015.

The game may be found here:

Feb 18, 2015

JNB interviews John the founder of GF9. John details how their new game Homeland plays which excites Jeff. 

John then discusses some of their work with other companies such as Wizards of the Coast. Jeff is shown some new GF9 5th Edition miniatures, including a 1st edition D&D Ogre. 

John pledges years of releases with WotC. 

John then goes over a recently signed licsened board game based on WWE. It is currently untitled. John details how this new game is played and how the WWE licnensing team visited his booth at Toy Fair. The gameplay is driven by miniatures and cards, but it completely new from the system in Sparticus.

JNB was denied photos of the prototype but was shown miniatures of various Super Stars that were impressive to him.

GF9's con schedule is detailed as well. 

John busts out the family guy licsenes board game and reveals it's title: "Stewies Sexy Party". He teases the contents of such thing. "It is a fun light, dripping in Family Guy, dripping in raunch..."

The Artful Dodger promo surprises Jeff because it's been sold out everywhere. He teases the Esmeralda, and other upcoming "coachworks" expansions. They will contain a ship, a new card such as a new crew member or ship upgrade. They will also contain some new story cards, including a way to improve gameplay speed by up to forty percent!

John states GF9's motto as a publisher: "We make the games we would want to play." Jeff states the consumer's motto: "I don't want to play the garbage you wouldn't want to play." 

Feb 18, 2015

Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau interviews Rob Daviau  (@robdaviaugamerdesigner of many games which we consider some of our favorites.

During this interview Rob pitches a game he has published and not designed, Fun Employed, available in June. 

Rob then discusses his collaboration with Matt Leacock (@mleacockon Pandemic: Legacy. Rob goes into detail in how Pandemic Legacy's campaign system will function, such as how pandemics will spread and carry over from camping to campaign. Pandemic: Legacy is aiming for a world wide release same-day as it's premier at Essen Spiel.

Next Rob details Seafall, his collaboration with Plaid Hat Games (@PlaidHatGames, a 4X game using a "legacy" modulating system, set on the high seas.

Feb 16, 2015

JNB interviews Todd Rowland of Aeg with Matt Loter of Fortress Ameritrash.


We discuss the Archer edition of Love Letter, Hobbit Love Letter, and Batman Love Letter. We also learn of how the Adventure Time creators actually love the game love letter so much they wanted the characters to cosplay the characters. 


Jeff had attended a press event years ago about Lot5r Board Game properties and followed up on this to get into the heads of the AEG design philosophy. 


Automobiles is confirmed to follow the succesful Planes and Trains. Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up is detailed to Matt who gets excited.


Epic: PvP and shufflebuilding are discussed. 


The future of Guild Hall was confirmed to be "in the works" off mic. 

Feb 16, 2015

Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau was able to grab Stephen Buonocore PResident and CEO of Stronghold Games along with Matt Loter of Fortress: Ameritrash  

We discuss the state of Stronghold Games, along with the current success of their recent kickstarter Space Cadets: Away Missions, which ends very soon as of this posting.

We also discuss Pictomania, Dark Moon, Le Grange, and Stronghold second edition.

Feb 11, 2015

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On Nerd Fountain 3 we start off the episode witha discussion of this season and some prior recent anime releases hand picked by Jeffrey Nomran Bourbeau for the crew to view.


These included Assassination Classroom, Absolute Duo, Parasyte - The Maxim, Yuri Kuma Arashi, Swords Arts Online, Log Horizon, and Death Parade.


Next JM gives us Christmas gifts in February. Becuase he's always late. We love you JM.


Nerd Fountain presents a review of FTL: Faster Than Light, their PC Game of the millenium, until a better one comes along.


The show closes with an indepth discussion of Moba's, the innovations that have been made over the years, and the nature of multiplayer engagement. 


Of course, we end with casual conversation. These topics are drawn from the games we are playing and the lives we are living including: Hearthstone recent changes based on the metagame, the life of dating as a nerd, JM's into Dungeon of the Endless, Jeff's further obsession with Heroes of the Storm, FTL, and his upcoming trip to Toy Fair NY 2015. That's next week! Feb 14-17.

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Feb 4, 2015

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On Nerd Fountain 2: All the Deck Building we discuss and highlight every deck building game ever made. Ever. Probably. Except maybe Pathfinder.

This is followed by...
A review of Legendary Encounters: Alien 

A review of Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy


Then we discuss and list our current favorite deck building games and

our least favorite deck building games.


We wrap the show with some video game talk reviewing The Banner Sage and Fading Hearts.

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Jan 31, 2015

This is a legacy episode of Power to the Meeple that aired originally in 2013. Rob and Jeff sat down to discuss star realms a year prior to it's delayed kickstarter launch. 

Power to the Meeple is a podcast about board games, nerd culture, video games, comic books, and anime. Each episode features reviews, news, and specualtive nonsense about the tabletop industry. 

Jan 29, 2015

Power to the Meeple listeners! We are back from the altars of hell with holes in our heart and rings on our fingers. 

This episode landmarks the return of the Power to the Meeple podcast crew with a semi-weekly show featuring news, reviews, and speculative bs on the nerding world. This will be known as the Nerd Fountain Podcast. Power to the Meeple will live on as Jeff's podcast series from the road.

This episode features a review of Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age designed by Tom Lehman and published by Eagle & Griffon Games. 

Before this the crew discusses Amiibos, the ocean, online dating for nerds, space!, The Age of Ultron comic line, and weird Chinese news (of course).

Jan 14, 2015

On episode 5 of Power to the Meeple, Jeff, JM, and Joe review Kazume Goddess, and Shadows Over Camelot: The Card Game is reviewed in the end at 01h03m, for those who want to skip ahead.

And do we babble about random tech and nerdy news in between? Of course we do!

Including a declaration of the very first Enemy of the Meeple!

Jan 14, 2015

On Episode 4 of Power to the Meeple we add our permanent and illustrious third chair, Joe! 

We go on to provide full reviews of both the Lord of the Rings: The Dice Building Game as well as Sentinels of the Multiverse.

In addition, News!

The hyped-up Ouya is discussed, followed by a lengthy discussion of next-gen consoles and how the video-game press seems to have missed the point with the Ouya.

Further news topics include the beloved Roger Ebert being Remembered, and how SJG looking to buy games from studios that are already successful, while Upper Deck is accepting submissions from studios that aren't.

Then JM reports some more news from China, with close friend to the show Fan Bingbing coming up once more, all in the hopes that our syndication will be banned from the country.


Jan 14, 2015

We kick off Episode 3 with our usual irrelevant, yet educational news about comics, movies, and the hobby games industry. This includes Chinese skeleton phobia, firefly's 3rd licenses gaming property, Uno newso.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is reviewed, with Space Alert and Robo Rally references.

Then Jeff discusses his journey to PaxEast. This includes a review of Emperor's New Clothes, as well as his impressions of Krosmaster Arena, City of Remnants, Von Drakks Manor, and Magic 2014.

JM and Jeff then discuss the upcoming magic block, Theros, after which a lengthy discussion of CCGs ensues, including topics such as the WoW TCG's innovations on the genre, Duel Masters, Yu-Gi-Oh,Pokemon, Kaijudo, and Cardfight Vanguard, and Hearthstone, also announced at PaxEast.

JM and Jeff discuss their distaste and enjoyment of icv2's listed top-sellers of Fall 2012 in the following categories: Card/Building Games and Board games.

Jeff then gives you his thoughts on Bioshock: Infinite. Beware of minor spoilers.

Jeff also teases a future review of Motto Cuore!

Jan 14, 2015

Well hello there fancy pants,

On episode 2 of Power to the Meeple, we discuss recent deck building games released during the holiday season, including Marvel: Legendary, and DC comics: the DBG.

Jeff then goes on to discuss his trip to Total Confusion back in February, along with his shenanigans playing Aloha with Tom from the dice tower, as well as the Dice Tower dinner.

And of course, the normal gaming news and nonsense ensues in between.

Jan 14, 2015

Episode 1 features reviews of Western Town, The Convoy, Pittsburgh 68, as well as news and speculation from the board game industry.

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