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Nerd Fountain is not a first look-driven outlet, instead we are a podcast and blog that reviews and interviews designers, developers, and publishers from multiple industries to deliver both an inside perspective and a human touch from behind the closed doors that drive nerd culture. We also discuss mid-life dating, give advice, and answer emails. Shows range from The Nerd Fountain's main feed, which features specific discussion points, paired usually with a tabletop or video game review, followed by casual conversation. Other shows include Interviews and shows from the road between Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau and other collaborators.
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Mar 31, 2015

On this episode of Nerd Fountain we discuss our travels to pax and the delights therein.

First we interviewed Motiga and Gigantic, which was amazing, and the interview was lost to corrupted data space time. is the website, go check it out. Everyone will be playing Giganticor discussing it by this time next year.

We also talk about the wizarding world of harry potter which Hoju and Joe attended, the structure and content of our show, the conventions and antics Jeff has been up to at TotalCon, Conncon, and Pax East, and the NF crew reviews Arcadia Quest.


What is Arcadia Quest? A tactical multiplayer board game that uses cute miniatures and monsters emulating a competetive dungeon crawl. 


We also discuss our latest and favorite social game Billionaire Banshee.  


Hoju and Jeff have been sailing the seas of Windward on Steam and after interacting with the designer, we can't recommend this title enough. A great game by a hard working dude.

While at Pax East we found and played a large number of indie video and tabletop games so tune in to hear our lists.

We want to send a special thanks to Motiga for treating us to kindly and feeding us so well.

Mar 26, 2015

JNB interviewed Luke Peterschmidt partner at Fun to 11 while at Pax East 2015. 

Luke discusses on Miskatonic School for Girls Expansion, which involves asymtrical modular player powers, the Castle Dice expansion which includes modular castle dice and a unique deck for each character ex: there is a deck for a merchant player which allows players to trade down for a higher amount of lower level resources. 


Luke goes into details on there newest launching titles as well including Epic PVP, which is being published by AEG.

Mar 16, 2015

I got a chance to speak with David Leong the Public Relations Manager for Kingston and Hyper X.

First I checked out the Hyper X Cloud 2 gaming headset will feature virtual 7.1 usb headset, compatible with pc, xbox one w/ adatper, and ps4. surround with button press. memory foam earcups 53mm drivers, 40mm is the norm for consumer non-gaming headsets. headband is memory foam as well. for long hours of gamepaly. aluminum construction. All the controls are on the side of the headet and will retail for $100 "e-tail."  


Next up were the Hyper-X gaming mouspads that have been iterated upon and are being re-released as a single product with a solid and softer foam pad for longer play and durability. The new skin is called Hyper Fury, comes in 4 sizes and the largest size can basically cover an entire table at 19x35. 


David then switched gears for us and we discussed their new entry level DDR4 Ram. The techy aspects David goes into will likely go over our audiences head but I got real into it. I usually don't micromanage my ram speeds, and for those like me this new series of ram should cater to my gamer needs.


Mar 16, 2015

Jeff remember Resistor's_ Kickstarter stats while on mic a day after got blindly drunk thanks to the night before, and manages to impress designer and artist Anthony Amato, the man with no title!

Here you can check out the Resistor_ kickstarter page.

Mar 14, 2015

Windward is a sandbox style action game on the high-seas! It is inspired by Sid Meiers pirates to a greater extent. 

I sat down with the designer.

He and I had the exact same feelings about Pirates!, and as he described his game more and more, my eyes began to light up. Playing the game was delightful. It is available already through Steam early access, the designer invites the community to play with him on his own servers and I recommend it, the multiplayer is a blast.

Mar 13, 2015

Lincoln Petersen, co-designer of Orcs Must Die! the board game of Peterson Games who previously worked on Cthulu Wars, discusses his latest project working with Robot.


Orcs Must Die will be released as two seperate board games, a co-op game and a versus game, but can also be combined.


At this point the game has no fullfilment, printer, or msrp planned. Lincoln said that the games are almost finished in development and are already looking at strech goal ideas. Also Spike Traps. The Orcs Must Die Board Game Kickstarter will go live in just a few weeks!

Based on my time with Cthulu Wars, I have nothing but high expectations for this project. 

Mar 13, 2015

Curt, Chief Instigator, at Smirk & Dagger showed off their newest title that has yet to be released, Nevermore. The card game is pitched as a light drafting style card game in which players are buying cards from a limited pool to play against one another and destroy each other's sanity, eventually forcing an insane player to devolve into a mad raven. Or that's what I think it was. The drafting mechanic had a morels, the mushroom game, feeling too it wherein you draft from 6 cards and each card down the line is successivly more expensive. A few games actually employ this mechanic and I think it is a testimoney to it's usefulness in keeping card games fresh. 


The way Nevermore came to be, according to Curt, was from his love for player elimination games, but his desire to keep players activly playing the game and not frustrated by simply losing and watching the rest play. Like turning into the bomb car in Mario Kart. It's more fun to run at people and explode than sit back and watch people drive around for another hour. Plus it ends the game faster!


The art of Nevermore was especially impressive as you can see on the website. 

Next Curt showed me the Tower of Madness! This title I had played at Metatopia 2013. It is essentially a skyscraper with cthulu tentacles sticking out of the sides, with sticks inside the towers keeping marbles from dropping to the bottom. Each turn you draw a stick that will potentially drop a marble. These marbles have different effects such as drawing you cards, or causing you to go insane. If you go insane, you play a different type of role, you play your cards on the inverted Madness side, and are trying to destroy the world!

This game is pure awesome and I can't wait! Everyone should drop their money into this kickstarter as soon as it releases. 

Curt tells us of the next Cut Throat Caverns, which I hadn't played in some time. The latest expansion features new campagin modes, and legacy-esque elements that will carry over game to game,

I was curious about a secret project Curt had been working on, which was an interation on intamcy dice, and Curt told me a fun story about attending a scary table full of important people where an idea was needed and his was picked. You can find Curt's sexy dice game coming to your local Spencer's and other novelty sexy time weirdo mall stores. 

Thanks for listening!

Mar 10, 2015

Jim of NewEgg showed off their new lines of Rosewell and ABS Gaming PC's all of which of course feature the latest builds of Windows 10. A large focus of these new rigs was to enable the consumer to quickly and easily add new components they purchase from online retailers, or e-tailers as Jim referred to them, without the hassle of needing to be super up to date on what gear fits what and needing to know every little bit about what you are doing. It seemed strange to me that this was even mentioned as a highlighted feature, but I'll admit almost every PC gamer should appreciate a PC with a case that is airy and fits the latest and greatest components on the market place.

An example of the opposite would be the computer I'm using now in which I had to disconnect my front facing USB drives and optical drive from my motherboard in order to get my two-row fat-ass Nvidia to barely slide into my tiny Acer desktop. Yes I bought a pre-built desktop and yes I tricked it out a bit. I'm that guy. But apparently a lot of people are and these new PC's exclusive to NewEgg are geared towards consumers like me.

Jim then went into detail about the ABS and Rosewell systems, including how the Challenger X was somehow displaying simultaneously on 3 Samsung Curve displays on the show floor as well as how the ABS 5 was capable of playing Evolve in 4k on a 4k monitor. I believe this would be an upscaled 4k, similar to how 4k is upscaled from a blu-ray to near-true 4k, but we didn't get into the nitty-gritty because in reality the difference is minimal to non-existent when you are talking about the appearance of 1080p upscaled to 4k with a great processor versus a flat 4k image affecting the human eye. Both images will look dramatically better than 1080p as long as the motion processing is being executed well.  

In addition to these hot new items, NewEgg was sponsoring a number of tournaments including a series focused on the High School Gaming League. I find it comforting to know that the ground floor of e-sports that I helped contribute to in the early 2000's with my shoutcasting of BF1942 and high tier Counterstrike play has culminated into such a large scale market force. It's pretty rad to think about how quickly the sphere of nerdy influence has changed with the adoption of high speed internet and streaming technologies. 

Next we talked about GameCrate. GameCrate is NewEgg's latest endeavor towards attaining larger market reach with gamers. GameCrate will be a form of online media targeting gamers. I suspect this will be similar to a digital GameInformer and to be honest I can't see how that would be a bad thing. GameInformer is a powerful entity and to have competition between from a retailer like NewEgg can only create better content from both. 

Mar 10, 2015

NewEgg showed Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau the latest build of Windows 10 at PAxEast 2015. NewEgg happens to be Jeff's go to retailer for online nonsense like shotgun mics and monitors, but as of the last few years NewEgg has made headway into many more dynamic marketplaces.

During my first half-hour with NewEgg, I was shown the latest build of Windows 10. Windows 10 intends to streamline and integrate all play and usage between every windows enabled device using a screen, be it your windows phone, your television rocking the Xbox One, or a pricey Microsoft Surface.

In the interview posted above, you'll hear from Andrew of NewEgg all about the new features Microsoft has recently implemented.

The demonstration began with a simple display of the tablet to non-tablet modes which was nothing fancy. Your big monitor can be a tablet, and you can screen your tablet to your monitor.

Next came Cortanna which is Microsofts answer to Apple's Siri and Google's weird voice thing. Cortanna was able to pick up extremely complicated questions and instantly Bing them...correctly! I was pretty blown away by this text-to-speech functionality as a writer and hold out hope that it has plenty of useful integration into Microsoft's next suite of office tools.

Next they showed off the side positioning function or the snap function, which I was familiar with from infuriating times using my xboxone and having random snaps close my game to show nothing I wanted to see. Thanks Kinect. Unlike that nonsense though, the new snap to function is totally nuts but in a good way! I was watching a twitch stream while other applications were running in different open windows on the same monitor. And then there were 4 screens at once all running multiple desktops at once. You can hear my audible amazement.

The next piece of awesome came in the form of the new Microsoft All-in-One's which will have all of these features and be able to detach from the base and be used as a Microsoft tablet. There was some new taskbar stuff that went over my head but if you are a more experienced user decipher it from the interview and leave a comment below! 

I want to add for the the sake of farcical objectivity in the face of a monopoly that I am a Microsoft fanboy. I'm 32 years old and I have been using Windows operating systems since around windows 3.2. It had an integrated dos shell but you always just wanted to go into dos mode anyways because it was easier to just manage everything by command line. 

I love life. That and I think the Gates are super rad people.

Mar 3, 2015

Hello and thank you for listneing to episode 4 of the Nerd Fountain. On this weeks Episode of Nerd Fountain we have some new nerdy news in which we break down the listed top selling hobby games from multiple channels according to, Jem and the Holigrams pics were teased, DiceHateMe Merged with GreaterThanGames,  

Tabletop games Reviewed: Eight Minute Empire, Eight Minute Empire: Legends designed and published by Red Raven Games, Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem published by GaleForceNine

Movies discussed: Jupiter Ascending, Frozen

Video Games discussed: Darkest Dungeon, Black Guard 1 & 2, Dungeon of the Endless, Evolve, FTL (again), Endless Legend, Hand of Fate, ios Ticket to Ride, ios Timeline